"I suppose some of us are cave dwellers, some of us live in houses, some of us like to be loose footed."

Lemon Jelly ('Ramblin' Man').

On 1st March 2009 I set all 50 States photographers the same task. I asked them to photograph a habitat they felt represented the State where they currently live.

I asked them to interpret the assignment using their own unique voice and to photograph either the inside or the outside of a building, boat, home etc that was a good reflection of where they are from.

Each photographer had two months to produce one image in response to this assignment, (namely 'habitat'), and what you are about to see are the results.

As you visit each page you will see that some photographers have provided images of homes that belong not to humans but to animals, some have highlighted the effects of the economic downturn whilst others have referred to the looming presence of big corporations. You will also see signs of green shoots not only in the surrounding vegetation but also in the creation of new homes, (or maybe instead you'll see stagnating construction sites which will remain so until better times). Indeed in some of the States the snow seems to be melting, maybe this is a sign of things to come.

You will see sprawling suburban life, student life, life in the country, tipis, green housing, houses and stories that are close to home, legacies of recent disasters and the promise of regeneration.

I recommend that you take your time as you look through the images. There are some great details that you may just miss if you whizz through. Please also use the 'enlarge' link on each page to see a larger image. If you would like background to some of the images then please visit the images on the photographer pages for some more information.

If you enjoy your visit please come back on 1st July 2009 when the next set of images, ('landscape'), will be published."

Stuart Pilkington