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"I have been making portraits of family, friends and acquaintances for the past 35 years. Early in my career, I discovered that the meaning of a single exposure, when it is part of a collection of moments, becomes only one element of an evolving story. Since the addition of each new portrait changes the meaning of the entire sequence, each image is no longer static. In every succeeding photograph, the subject and I are older, our circumstances have changed, and our relationship has deepened or dissolved. All of these forces are reflected in my photographs. I am not a passive chronicler or documentary photographer. Whether the subject is my daughter, a local family, a former student, or a hospice patient, they are all in part autobiographical."

"I came to Maryland to attend school at University of Maryland, after serving in the Marines. I worked with a program called Upward Bound, designed to prepare inner city youth for college. In 1971, I joined the faculty at Harford Community College where I developed a photography program that I directed for 34 years. I have lived in the rural country on the Mason-Dixon line as well as inner city Baltimore and have developed a strong bond with both communities."