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"As a photographer, my projects are often more than not long term. My first book, "Lapdancer" took about 8 years to unfold, although, most of the actual picture taking didn't happen until the end of the project. Over the 6 years, I have worked on an on-going project called "Last Stop: Rockaway Park" about the lives of the mentally ill, alcoholics and impoverished people living 20 miles from Manhattan on the Atlantic shore. I won a Grant for the New Jersey Council of the Arts in February 2009. I was also one of the recipients of the Aaron Siskind fellowship."

"I enjoy forming relationships with my subjects and finding a balance between empathy and the stark realities of their existences. I take photographs of people because it is an opportunity when I can find closeness and interconnectedness between myself and the subject. Whether that human connection caught on film is one of mutual repulsion or fondness, I am always somewhat surprised at the end results. There is an element of excitement that feels like the Christmas present left over from childhood. It always takes me back for more."

"People ask me where I am from and I usually try to qualify in a long-winded sentence "Jersey City, but it's only 15 minutes to the West Village. It's closer than most parts of Brooklyn"; otherwise, I feel people might think I actually live in New Jersey. And I suppose I do."

"I love Jersey City. I shouldn't brag since when I moved here in 2000 the platforms to New York City were empty. Often, there is little room to stand while waiting for the train."

"I was born in Philadelphia, PA. After, I graduated NYU, I lived in NYC for many, many years. My funky little neighborhood had changed. I began to see red double decker buses with stopping at red lights with tourists pointing and oohing and aahing. I had to leave."

"Fortunately, I knew some strippers whom lived out in Jersey City. When I visited them, I began to notice the beautiful enclaves of brown stone communities. I was hooked and made the scary and finally content move to the 201 area code."