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"Photography has always been a part of my life, first as subject, now as photographer. Over the past 20 years I have focused on working and living as a photographer. I pursue photographic commissions of portraiture and documentation and photo based community arts projects. In addition, I specialize in live stage performance photography. My personal interest in photography is making images using architectural elements, nature and environment to convey a sense of curiosity, and mystery, forcing the viewer to look inward. This is an on-going body of work called Entrada."

"Also, I create fictional characters, unusually clad, mocking everyday moments. In addition, presently I am working on a project called Being 13, portraits of moments within the life of a thirteen year old girl in Maine. I am straddling technologies, using medium format film and digital printing."

"I definitely ended up here in NH - and Portsmouth is home for me now, more than any other place I have lived. I have published a book of my photographs of Portsmouth, check my site. I have been here since 1991. I love the summer and warm months when I can enjoy going into the ocean and only wish my coastal town had a mountain, with a lift, to ski down and take advantage of some winters when we have snow storm after snow storm, as it is today as I am writing. Otherwise I only need to drive an hour north into the White Mountains and the famous Mt. Washington area, where weather is monitored and extreme. I enjoy being able to be part of three states, being 50 miles north of Boston, MA and 40 miles south of Portland, Maine."

"I feel connected to New Hampshire with it's political voice during election times and the New England attitude of self sufficiency and thriftiness."