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"I was born in Toronto, Canada in 1973. I moved to Miami Beach in 1999 to document the last of South Beach's seniors. In Miami I decided to photograph the lifestyle. My first swinger shoot was in July 2003 in Wisconsin. This was to be the first of over 38 parties I would photograph in 48 months all over the US. The project was realized in "America Swings," my first monograph, published by Taschen in October 2008. I also like to knit and sing karaoke."

"I'm attracted to real people and the beauty in the everyday mundane. I tend to want to photograph people and as a curious individual who loves to ask nosey and personal questions I can get away with it if I'm photographing that person. Photography gives me the in to worlds I know nothing about and am not privy to. I'm lured in by the obscure and those that others don't find interesting at first glance. These are the people who I find most fascinating and seek inspiration from."

"I moved to New York in August 1997 to study at the International Center of Photography. Upon completing the One-Year Documentary Program I used my student visa to continue living in New York and work as an assistant to a photo editor at such publications as Life and Audubon. In December of 1999 I decided to relocate to Miami Beach to begin my career as a photographer and worked on my first long term project. Since returning to New York in April 2002 I have been working as an editorial magazine photographer while continuing to work on my own personal work. While I call New York home, it's more of an expensive crash pad as I seem to be in other places more than my own place."