"On 2nd January 2009 I set all 50 photographers within the project the same task. I asked them to photograph one or more individuals whom they felt represented the State where they live.

I asked them to interpret the assignment using their own unique voice and to photograph something/someone iconic, or emblematic, symbolic, or real to their own lives. They were free to interpret the assignment however they wished.

Each photographer had two months to produce one image in response to this assignment, (namely 'people'), and what you are about to see are the results. As you visit each State, (in alphabetical order), hopefully a picture of the United States will be conjured up for you like a quilt made up of 50 parts.

The people within the photographs are young and old, male and female, rich and poor, black and white, cold and warm, straight and gay, stereotypes and non-stereotypes, able-bodied and disabled, famous and obscure, alive and not so alive...the whole spectrum of life.

You will be able enlarge each image by clicking on the appropriate link. If you would like to read some of the statements associated with the images then please go to the home page and visit the photographers' individual pages and click on 'people'.

I really hope you enjoy your visit and do come back on 1st May 2009 when the next set of images will be published."

Stuart Pilkington