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"When I was 18 I borrowed my dad's Canon AE1 that he bought when I was born, and I began making photographs to document my life. I still use that camera sometimes, in addition to medium format and digital cameras. Projects I've created include documenting the city of Louisville in a series of portraits and spaces, and photographing a local seafood restaurant chain called Moby Dick, at night. A commercial project I have worked on for three years is the Female Mechanics Calendar - a wall calendar of women mechanics working in their environments. I travel around the country on my vintage BMW motorcycle finding subjects for the calendar."

"I was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1978, and moved to Ohio for college. I had plans of moving west upon graduation, but ended up back in Louisville for what I thought would be a brief stint. That was in 2001. There is a very supportive arts community in Louisville, and I've been able to travel every summer for the past four years on my motorcycle, making connections with folks in many other cities. Many people ask "why Kentucky?" My simple answer is that Louisville is a great city. I am currently an adjunct photography teacher at Bellarmine University."