The Inner Life of Martin Frost

"The successful American novelist Martin Frost has just published his latest book. He decides to rest his mind alone in a country house outside New York. The dawn of his first day, he discovers with amazement a mysterious and astonishing woman lying next to him. Fascinated by her beauty and intelligence Martin falls deeply in love with her. He has found the muse that helplessly drives him to write his most perfect piece. Who is this strange woman that perfectly knows his life and his work? Is she a real muse? Is she imaginary? Is she a ghost that has slipped in the inner life of Martin Frost?"

Gemini Films

The Inner Life of Martin Frost was filmed in Portugal in May 2006 and is currently in post production. The film will premiere at the 36th New Directors Film Festival between Wednesday 21st March 2007 and Sunday 1st April 2007. Paul Auster said in a recent interview "the world premiere will be end of March in New York, either at MOMA or Lincoln Center. The festival uses both theatres." In fact the exact dates are Wednesday 21st March 2007 at The Museum of Modern Art and Thursday 22nd March 2007 at the Lincoln Center.



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